Why Choose OCHIN+?

Today’s health care professionals work hard to provide the quality, equitable care their patients deserve. OCHIN+ offers a diverse portfolio of options that maximize job productivity and satisfaction—to serve diverse communities more effectively. The workforce of the future depends on the opportunities we create today.

Meeting you where you are to cost-effectively…

  • Enhance community care
  • Expand health equity
  • Shore up skill/knowledge gaps
  • Improve productivity
  • Put individuals on the path to a rewarding new career in health care
  • Address personal learning or performance goals
  • Reduce provider burden 

Our Learning and Workforce Development Opportunities

Install Training


Just-in-time, comprehensive insights on productivity-boosting Epic basics for newer users. The easy way to get off to a great start.

Install Training is Ideal for:

OCHIN members who are newer to OCHIN Epic, and who want to hit the ground running to establish a solid foundation.

Ella Continuing Education​

Ella Continuing Education

On-demand training and instant knowledge at your fingertips. Achieve foundational understanding in critical areas.

Ella Continuing Education Courses are Ideal for:

Clinical and operational personnel who want to brush up on skills, advance their careers, specialize, or shift gears

Epic Proficiency Modules ​

Epic Proficiency Modules

Deepen your fundamental knowledge in key areas. Concise formats and competitive fees, contextualized for OCHIN Epic.

Epic Proficiency Modules are Ideal for: Those newer to health care or existing industry professionals who want to specialize in key EHR areas like billing/coding ​
Online Learning


Learn whenever it’s convenient. Easy-access virtual destination puts EHR and AAPC-certified billing/coding courses within immediate reach, for members and non-members.

Online Learning is Ideal for:
Those newer to health care or existing industry professionals who want to specialize in key EHR areas like billing/coding

Concierge Coaching and Consulting​

Concierge Coaching and Consulting

Our on-site experts analyze your needs, identify productivity roadblocks, then provide targeted one-on-one support.

Concierge Coaching and Consulting is Ideal for: Organizations or teams wishing to take their productivity to the next level with tailored, on-site support and real-time feedback
Epic Proficiency Modules

Workforce Augmentation

Offset your existing organizational skill gaps and resource constraints with on-site knowledge, direct support, and hands-on expertise.

Workforce Augmentation courses are Ideal for: Organizations wishing to fill near-term resource shortages or skill gaps with qualified on-site talent from OCHIN​

Expert Training Available to Members and Non-Members

OCHIN understands that people’s needs are different, so we meet you where you are. We’ve been supporting health centers with leading-edge IT expertise for over 20 years.

What Makes Us Different?

Progress Quickly


No degree or college credits required to enhance skills or embark on your new career
Interactive Course Design

Interactive Course Design

Remain fully engaged, connected, and participating throughout each course
Zero Commute


Train anywhere with online flexibility and convenience— at your pace, on your schedule
Master In-Demand Skills

Master In-Demand Skills

Courses include practical real-world applications, presentations, quizzes, projects, and more
Proven Expertise​


OCHIN has been supporting and training health centers and health care professionals nationwide for 20+ years
Trusted Resources​


Comprehensive, industry standard AAPC course design and related materials
Job Placement Assistance​

Job Placement Assistance

Receive dedicated support and access to our nationwide health center collaborative
Versatile Options​

Versatile Options

Choose from numerous billing and coding credentials, plus a range of other EHR-focused courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for our online courses are easy! Simply head to our online course home and click “sign up” next to the course you are interested in taking. 

From there, you will be asked to fill out a short application. Once you are application is submitted, we will send you an email with instructions on how to log in and set up your account on our Learning Management System (LMS). 

Once your login username and password are set up, you can log in at and start and continue the course at your own pace.

YES! Our courses are available 100% online and you can complete these tracks “at-your-own-pace”. We are aiming to create different pathways for participation, to support learners with different needs, availability and learning preferences. 

In order to participate, learners need a computer or laptop, and a reliable internet connection. 

View Our Other Courses

Health Information Management


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  • Free
  • Jan 01, 2030
  • Not Defined
  • HIM_2022
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Community Health Worker


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  • Free
  • Jan 01, 2030
  • Not Defined
  • 2022
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Medical Billing Certification


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  • May 01, 2022
  • Not Defined
  • 2021
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Medical Coding Certification


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  • May 01, 2022
  • Not Defined
  • 2021
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EHR Support Analyst


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  • Free
  • Jan 01, 2022
  • 39 Weeks
  • 2022
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