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HCAI/California Toolkit

OCHIN and our OCHIN+ learning and workforce development program collaborate with national and regional service and community health programs to offer paid learning opportunities to help interested individuals create promising career paths. Our grant-funded entry-level courses help interested applicants embark on an exciting new career while fostering healthier, more resilient communities. Everyone’s invited to apply, regardless of background or experience.

These paid training opportunities are available in California through a grant-funded partnership with the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI).


Partner Toolkit

Use the information and templates in this toolkit to share this opportunity with members of your community who could benefit.

Workforce of the Future Flyer_CA - Program Flyer

Program Flyer

You can distribute this program flyer—printed or electronically—to community members who could benefit from this opportunity.

Toolkit Poster

Program Poster

You can display the program poster in high-traffic areas where community members who could benefit from this opportunity will see it.  

Please use the resources in this toolkit to promote these opportunities within your community—through your website, social media channels, and direct outreach to community members you think would benefit from these training programs. We encourage you to customize these materials as you see fit to match your organization’s voice and tone for greatest impact.


Learn more about OCHIN+ programs and share this opportunity with your community via your organization’s website.

Deepen Understanding

Deepen Understanding

Talk to community members about this opportunity and consider sharing it with your network through your organization’s social media channels.

Activate Enrollment

Reach out directly to members of your community who would be a good fit and benefit from OCHIN+ programs and encourage them to apply.

The Workforce of the Future
Depends on the Opportunity We Create Today

OCHIN works with community partners to identify tomorrow’s health care workers by recruiting students in communities where the need for quality care is great and the means or access to formal education and training may be limited. We are offering grant-funded training programs at no cost to learners and jobseekers in your community and would welcome the opportunity to partner with you to promote these programs among your constituents. 

OCHIN+ Community Partner Web Badge

Additional Partner Materials

Request our Community Partner Badge, OCHIN logo, or a social media graphic to show your support for this opportunity and your partnership with OCHIN to bring our OCHIN+ programs to your community.

Media Relations

OCHIN welcomes the opportunity to support media relations efforts around the impact of our programs in your community. For approval to use OCHIN’s name, logo, or likeness in any publicity, to discuss media engagement about OCHIN+ programs, or to share community impact stories with us, please contact Kelsey Butz at